Clean Ports 5.0: sustainable innovation project that contributes to port industry logistics optimization

  • This initiative seeks to optimize logistics management in port terminals, with specific applications in the ports of Cartagena, Alicante and Valencia, as well as to address strategic challenges such as climate change, energy transition and the promotion of the circular economy.
  • The project brings together a consortium formed by IGNIS, Aquiles Solutions, Astilleros de Santander, Eiffage Infraestructuras, FM Logistic, Passion Motorbike Factory and TransBase Soler.

The Clean Ports 5.0 project is moving forward with the aim of improving logistics management in the ports of Cartagena, Alicante and Valencia. This initiative has received an investment of six million euros, thanks to the Science and Innovation Missions Program, co-financed with Next Generation European Funds, through the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation in order to optimize port logistics operations by reducing CO2 emissions.

Increasing international trade and environmental pressures to reduce carbon emissions have put the industry in the spotlight. In this context, the Clean Ports 5.0 Project focuses on providing solutions to optimize the logistics management of these three ports, as well as addressing strategic challenges such as climate change and the energy transition to renewable generation sources. In addition, it will contribute to boosting the adoption of advanced technologies in the ports.


By the end of this year, the initiative will have invested more than one and a half million euros to advance the proposed activities, thus demonstrating the firm commitment of the entities involved to achieve the following objectives:

  • Advanced logistics: implementation of artificial intelligence and robotic collaboration.
  • Sustainable energy generation sources: adoption of renewable energy solutions.
  • Intermodal efficiency: synergistic coordination at the container terminal.
  • Optimized mobility: driving green practices in port processes and last mile.

This project represents a collaboration between seven leading companies in the sector, including IGNIS, Aquiles Solutions, Astilleros de Santander, Eiffage Infraestructuras, FM Logistic Ibérica, Passion Motorbike Factory and TransBase Soler, and has the collaboration of the technology centers Cartif and Tecnalia. In addition, the consulting firm Leyton supports the administrative coordination of the consortium.


Sara Fernández, project manager at IGNIS, highlights that “thanks to initiatives such as Clean Ports 5.0, several strategic companies in the sector are aligned to offer innovative solutions to optimize processes from an energy sustainability point of view, mainly betting on renewable energies. The support of agencies such as CDTI, through the European Next Generation EU Funds, is essential to contribute to the European vision of more sustainable ports”.


In short, Clean Ports 5.0 promotes innovation and sustainability in the Spanish port industry, with the aim of promoting cleaner and more efficient practices in the country’s ports.