IGNIS promotes new green ammonia plant in Galicia

As part of its strategic energy transition plan, IGNIS is promoting a new project in Galicia aimed at producing and exporting green ammonia by sea. To carry it out, the company will build a renewable hydrogen production and storage plant in A Coruña, which will be transported to another factory, located in the outer port of Punta Langosteira, for its transformation into green ammonia. From there it will be transported by sea to its final destination.


The final proposal is conditioned by the location that will finally be given to the green hydrogen factory, initially planned in the idle assets of the A Grela industrial park, which are currently in bankruptcy proceedings. If this option, which is the most efficient, goes ahead, IGNIS will have about 70,000 square meters for hydrogen production and storage. The green hydrogen will reach the plant where it will be transformed into green ammonia through a hydrogen pipeline.


Priority business initiative

The green ammonia production and storage plant, on the other hand, has been catalogued by the Xunta as a priority business initiative (IEP), which means a speeding up of procedures both for the achievement of the integrated environmental authorization (AAI) and with the approval procedure of the basic project, which is about to start its public exhibition phase. This project will have 103,000 square meters in the outer port of A Coruña, which will facilitate its export through third-party ammonia purchasing companies.


Once the location has been determined and the permits for both plants have been obtained, the project will be carried out in three phases. The first phase will have an installed capacity of 200 MW, which will make it possible to produce 26,000 tons of renewable hydrogen per year and 145,000 tons of green ammonia thanks to an investment of approximately 380 million euros. The estimated start-up date for construction is 2024, and for commissioning is 2027. The second phase will have an additional 400 MW of power, which will raise total production to 435,000 tons of green ammonia per year, while the third phase (another 400 MW) will raise it to 725,000 tons. The estimated timeframe for completion of this last phase is between 2030 and 2031.


The total power of the renewable hydrogen plant in A Coruña will be 1 GW, making it the largest of those currently planned in Galicia and one of the largest in Spain.


This project is part of the development plans of IGNIS, which has more than 30,000 MW of renewable energy projects under development in Spain and 10 other countries, and bases its growth strategy, among others, on real-time energy management, where it has a 6% market share at the national level, providing sustainable solutions for its projects to industrial consumers.