IGNIS presents its first Strategic Sustainability Plan

IGNIS has presented a Strategic Sustainability Plan with the aim of contributing to the global energy transition and leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

IGNIS is present in all sectors of the energy value chain, generation, management, operation and maintenance to marketing and offering integrated decarbonization solutions to industry. Since its foundation in 2015, the firm has developed an integrated energy model as the backbone of the transformation towards a more sustainable and competitive system.

The presentation of its first non-financial information report for the 2022 financial year and the new axes of its Sustainability Plan coincides with a period of growth that has enabled IGNIS to reach a portfolio of more than 20 GW, to be present in nine countries, to manage an operating portfolio of around 5 GW, including one of the largest photovoltaic complexes in Europe, and to increase its sales force by 5,000 customers.

The new Plan will serve as a roadmap for the next three years, creating a comprehensive and transparent sustainability model, aligned with global trends and best practices in environmental, social and governance (ESG). It has been developed after an internal, sectorial and global diagnosis and analysis and revolves around four strategic axes:

  1. Strengthening corporate governance, through solid foundations that facilitate orderly and scalable growth, based on the achievement of corporate commitments and the development of a series of policies that determine its activity and decisions, both at the governance level and in terms of sustainable procurement, due diligence and sustainable financing, among others.
  2. Driving the global energy transition, supporting customers with innovative and customized solutions. IGNIS not only focuses on renewable energy generation; it also comprehensively manages its own plants and offers customized energy efficiency solutions to industry, SMEs and individuals. In addition, it is committed to innovation, digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence to optimize its projects. It also promotes projects to develop new energy vectors such as hydrogen, green ammonia and renewable fuels. The aim is to maximize the integration of renewables in electrical systems and other sectors of massive energy consumption, facilitating the electrification of heat to replace fossil fuels.
  3. Revitalization of local environments, based on the generation of opportunities for the recovery of natural capital and revitalization of the local communities where it operates. IGNIS is a company that has integrated a social dimension to its activity since its foundation, promoting local hiring, training and the incorporation of people at risk of exclusion into its projects. Access to affordable and renewable energy, the revitalization of rural environments and the promotion of biodiversity are part of the cornerstones of its commitment.
  4. Commitment to the talent of the team, guaranteeing the professional development of employees in a climate that favors growth and the attraction and retention of talent. In 2022, IGNIS made a total of 223 new hires, consolidating a growing workforce of 477 people. Seventy-six percent of the workforce is under 45 years of age, reflecting a young and dynamic team. The company also prioritizes organizational flexibility and job stability, with 96% of its employees holding permanent contracts. The company also promotes diversity and equality, employee volunteering and solidarity through collaboration with non-profit organizations.

Antonio Sieira, CEO of IGNIS said: “We are making our debut by publishing our first Strategic Sustainability Plan. Our company has positioned itself as a very relevant player in the sector, both in terms of our size and in terms of talent and business figures. Figures that, for a young company like ours, represent a source of pride and a great incentive. In addition, with this Plan we are expressing what our objective has been from the beginning and how we are working to make it a reality.”

IGNIS has reflected the progress of its Strategic Plan in its first Non-Financial Information Report, you can consult the complete Sustainability Report 2022 in this link.