IGNIS promotes social inclusion through the Campeones project

IGNIS, loyal to its social contribution, has launched a new volunteer initiative called “Campeones”.This project aims to accompany and support a group of young people with intellectual disabilities from Fundación Caná, so that they can learn about the working world and renewable energies. Participants will work together with IGNIS volunteers to build a model representing the company’s renewable energy projects in Spain.

This solidarity initiative will be carried out at the IGNIS offices in Madrid for six sessions, once a month. Volunteers will work with the young people of the Fundación Caná in a dynamic and fun environment, and will focus on the importance of renewable energy and energy saving.


IGNIS Team Volunteering

In addition to learning about renewable energy, this project will foster a close and friendly relationship among the participants, and allow young people with intellectual disabilities to interact with the working world in a more meaningful way.

IGNIS employees who want to participate as volunteers can sign up for the activity, and share a unique experience with members of the Fundación Caná.

The “Campeones” project aims to foster social inclusion and mutual learning among participants, and to promote the importance of renewable energies in today’s society. IGNIS is proud to carry out this volunteering activity, and e

ncourages its employees to actively participate in it.