Resonac and IGNIS join forces to boost their joint industrial plan in A Coruña

  • The project of both companies would provide an integral solution for the idle assets of the A Grela industrial park, focusing on the generation of quality employment, sustainability and innovation.  

IGNIS has joined forces with Resonac, a world leader in the manufacture of graphite electrodes, to jointly acquire the entire production unit located in the A Grela industrial park. The aim of this project is to carry out a joint industrial plan that will make it possible to revitalize the area, generate employment and take advantage of 100% of the available surface area. 


Extension and expansion 

This initiative is complementary to the green ammonia project presented at the Port of Langosteria in A Coruña. This project, called Green Port, is promoted by the company Armonia Green Galicia of the IGNIS group and is expected to produce more than 150,000 tons of green ammonia per year. 

In this sense, Antonio Sieira, CEO of IGNIS, points out that “this agreement reinforces our industrial vocation and commitment to the decarbonization of the industry, and especially, the commitment to hydrogen associated with our renewable developments for industrial customers of reference. 

César Castiñeira, President and CEO for the EMEA region of Resonac Graphite Business Unit, pointed out that “We are going to submit an important and significant offer for all the idle assets in the A Grela industrial park, adjacent to our factory in A Coruña, as we continue with our industrial plan to expand our current activity, manufacturing graphite electrodes, as well as other possible investments that are relevant for the Resonac group”. 

Among the growth plans of the Japanese multinational company in Galicia are, if the appropriate conditions are met and it has the support of the government, the expansion of its current plant in A Coruña, a leader in its sector, and the feasibility study for the creation of a graphite factory for battery anodes for electric cars. 

The plant’s short and medium-term milestones include, if the necessary economic and technical feasibility factors are met, starting small-scale pilot tests this year to manufacture graphite for electric car battery anodes. Depending on the suitability of the technical and economic factors involved, this project could facilitate the construction of a plant dedicated to this product in large quantities.