IGNIS is among the 2022 most promising emerging companies in Spain according to Linkedin ranking “Top startups”

IGNIS appears as one of most promising emerging companies in Spain this 2022 according to Linkedin that has presented for the third year its list of Top Startups 2022. In this list, the biggest social and professional network worldwide acknowledges the 10 young companies most attractive to work in in Spain. These companies have in common an innovative spirit, growth and capacity to adapt to an employment ecosystem in constant evolution.

All companies listed in this ranking have been chosen because they share different features such as the bet on innovation, the capacity to adapt to the current situation as well as their capacity to attract the best talent promoting flexible work policies currently demanded by the professional environment.

Also for the creation of this ranking the professional network has analysed a series of parameters exclusive of the platform based on four main aspects: the increase of staff, the interest aroused by employment offers published, the interaction of users with the company and its employees and how many candidates have they contracted from the list of Top Companies of the social network.

In this sense, Virginia Collera, Senior Editor of LinkedIn News Spain has explained that “With this new edition of the list of Top Startups in Spain, Linkedin wants to reward and publicize 10 companies among a broad range of sectors that without doubt appear as a clear example of innovation, development and adaptation in the uncertain economic times we are now living”.

Linkedin also wishes to highlight that the companies chosen have been able to make the most of the resources they have available to continue progressing and helping employees, allowing the training in new skills and their professional evolution.

This way, IGNIS is listed with companies such as Heura Foods, WOW Concept or Freshly Cosmetics as part of the most promising business fabric at a national extent. To this, xxxx adds: “We are a young company that has worked hard to make things right in a conventional sector with major challenges. We are proud that such a renowned company as Linkedin that was conceived with that innovative and challenging spirit we so much identify with, recognises IGNIS work. It is such a honour and we will continue working to meet expectation”.

Full List of Linkedin Top Startups 2022

  1. Heura Foods, Food and drinks services.
  2. WOW concept, retailer.
  3. Factorial HR, HHRR services.
  4. Lookiero, retailer textile and fashion industry.
  5. Freshly Cosmetics, manufacture of personal care products.
  6. ThePower Business School, education programs.
  7. Genially, software development.
  8. Vidoomy, marketing services.
  9. Cobee, financial services.
  10. IGNIS, power generation


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