IGNIS publishes its Green Funding Framework

  • This Framework has been developed with the objective of driving the global energy transition.
  • CaixaBank CIB&IB provided expert guidance to the company in drafting the document and Valora Consultores has independently validated the Framework with a favorable opinion.


IGNIS has published its Green Financing Framework, where it highlights its Strategic Plan (2023-2025)– This Plan lays the foundations for governance and sustainable initiatives to support IGNIS’ growth.

This framework sets IGNIS apart by endorsing the global energy transition through projects that adhere to the requirements and standards ensuring their eligibility. It has been designed in accordance with the Green Bond and Loan Principles established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and the Loan Market Association (LMA). The framework encompasses short- and long-term bond and loan financing products, as well as Project Finance.

For this purpose, CaixaBank CIB&IB provided valuable counsel, and Valora Consultores has been appointed as an independent entity to issue an opinion on the alignment of the Green Financing Framework with international standards. The report issued by Valora has been favorable and highlights the consistency between the eligible categories described in the Green Financing Framework with the categories described in the Green Bond Principles and the IGNIS Green Loan Principles.

All of the Green Projects incorporated in the Framework provide clear environmental benefits and focus on investments related to the production and generation of renewable energy, including both wind and photovoltaic sources, as well as access to this sustainable energy and its storage through batteries.

An innovative aspect of this Framework is the incorporation of a new eligible category, focused on the development of groundbreaking green technology solutions such as renewable hydrogen, ammonia and its industrial production.

Antonio Sieira, CEO of IGNIS: “The development of this new Financing Framework reinforces our commitment to the energy transition and to achieving the highest standards in our projects, as well as facilitating transparency and disclosure of the company’s green finance initiatives.

As part of this initiative, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainable financing and transparency by committing to annual reporting on the positive impact generated through these financings.